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Don’t let a little bump turn into a big headache

It’s a minor repair if….

Typically, minor repairs are fender benders, small dents or scratches. If the car is driveable and the damage is not affecting signals, suspension or any critical function of the vehicle it’s a minor repair. Car undriveable? It might need major repairs.

So, when do I need an accident sticker?

You are required to report to the police and obtain an accident sticker for any accident where the repairs cost more than $5,000.  This is the law and there are no exceptions.

But it’s just a bumper?  It can’t be more than $5,000!

These days cars can be complicated. Damage to hidden technology like sensors and impact protection can put costs through the roof, especially if you drive an imported or luxury car.

Um, how do I guesstimate if it’s less than $5,000?

You don’t. Bring it to Horton Auto Body for an on the spot quote.  If the quote comes in under $5,000 you’re good to go.  We’ll book you in and have you back on the road as soon as possible.

What if it is more than $5,000?

We’ll let you know on the spot if the quote is over $5,000. You can get your accident sticker from District 6 police station which is just five minutes from Horton Auto Body & Paint.

Accident Report! Got it.

It usually takes less than 30 minutes to get your accident report from the police station and return to Horton Auto Body & Paint. Now we can book you in for your repair and get you moving again. More questions? Check out our FAQs.

Step by step to a quality job - every time



Our reception team are waiting to say howdy! When you arrive, take a seat in our warm office and fill out our Welcome form. We promise; once you’re in our records we won’t ask any more annoying questions!  If you’ve got time, help yourself to a freshly brewed coffee our records we won’t ask any more annoying questions!


Meet the Estimator

One of our friendly estimators will inspect your car, take photos and put together an estimate.  You can wait, or we’ll email the estimate to you. All estimates are checked to make sure they meet industry standards.  Your estimator is now your “go to guy” for the rest of the job.


Book In

It’s important to get your job scheduled.  In summer months it can be almost straight away, but ice and snow can mean longer waits in winter.  We will call with a reminder the day before your car is scheduled, oh and it’s a big help if your car is clean!


Order Parts

Once your car is booked in we can go ahead and order parts.  We use both Certified Used Parts and Direct from the Manufacturer Parts where there is a price match guarantee.  Parts aren’t stored on site but are usually delivered same day or the following day if available. If not, we’ll call you.


Drop Off

You can drop your car off any time after 7.30 and sign off on your work order.  If you have “Loss of Use” cover you don’t have to wait around, our on-demand courtesy shuttle will take you to our nearest rental car depot which is about 5 minutes away.


Work Assigned

Within an hour of drop off, your repair job will be assigned to one of our technical experts depending on the type of damage.  Our supervisors monitor each job and daily progress. We’ll contact you the day before to let you know when your car will be ready to collect.


Tech Takes Over

Armed with the very latest technology we guide your car through the repair process from the frame machine and aluminium welding to the paint shop. Whether it’s a minor or major repair, we check and double check to give you premium quality control.


Pick Up

Pick up anytime after 7.30am.  The rental car company should drop you back at Horton or our courtesy van can pick you up. Once here, you’ll need to pay your deductable by cash or card and then our estimator will hand over the vehicle and walk you through the works that’s been done.

You have the right to choose your repairer

You may not have control over your accident, but you do have control over who you choose to repair your vehicle.

As the car owner and the one who pays your insurance premiums, it’s your right to choose the auto body shop you want.

At Horton Auto Body & Paint you’re choosing a family-owned company that is committed to training and development and using the latest technology to get guaranteed quality results every time.

You, our customers, are number one in our book!

We’ll do everything we can to make your life easier and keep you updated and informed with a smile.