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It’s all about you (and your car)

Not many people get excited about auto body repair, it’s an annoying fact of life that takes up time and tries your patience.

At Horton Auto Body & Paint, we’ve streamlined our approach to make things as time effective and easy as possible.

We are in constant touch with our direct repair insurers to make sure there are no unnecessary delays and we’ve adopted the latest technology and techniques to make sure you get a quality repair – be it a minor car scratch or fix of a complete write off.

From drop off to pick up your vehicle is looked after by professionals. We’ve got this!

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Step by step to a quality job - every time



Our reception team are waiting to say howdy! When you arrive, take a seat in our warm office and fill out our Welcome form. We promise; once you’re in our records we won’t ask any more annoying questions!  If you’ve got time, help yourself to a freshly brewed coffee.


Meet the Estimator

One of our friendly estimators will inspect your car, take photos and put together an estimate. You can wait, or we’ll email the estimate to you. All estimates are checked to make sure they meet industry standards. Your estimator is now your “go to guy” for the rest of the job.


Book In

It’s important to get your job scheduled. In summer months it can be almost straight away, but ice and snow can mean longer waits in winter. We will call with a reminder the day before your car is scheduled, oh and it’s a big help if your car is clean!


Order Parts

Once your car is booked in we can go ahead and order parts. We use both Certified Used Parts and Direct from the Manufacturer Parts where there is a price match guarantee. Parts aren’t stored on site but are usually delivered same day or the following day if available. If not, we’ll call you.


Drop Off

You can drop your car off any time after 7.30am and sign off on your work order. If you have “Loss of Use” cover you don’t have to wait around, our on-demand courtesy shuttle will take you to our nearest rental car depot which is about 5 minutes away.


Work Assigned

Within an hour of drop off, your repair job will be assigned to one of our technical experts depending on the type of damage. Our supervisors monitor each job and daily progress. We’ll contact you the day before to let you know when your car will be ready to collect.


Tech Takes Over

Armed with the very latest technology we guide your car through the repair process from the frame machine and aluminium welding to the paint shop. Whether it’s a minor or major repair, we check and double check to give you premium quality control. Finally, your vehicle is washed and ready to go.


Pick Up

Pick up anytime after 7.30am. The rental car company should drop you back at Horton or our courtesy van can pick you up. Once here, you’ll need to pay your deductable by cash or card and then our estimator will hand over the vehicle and walk you through the works that’s been done.

Keeping Up - Where Quality Counts

An important part of the philosophy at Horton Auto Body & Paint is keeping up to date with technology and training. Every week of every month, car manufacturers are releasing cars with fantastic new paint finishes and packed with new technology that keeps us safe and makes driving easier. Unfortunately, this gadgetry is often “invisible to the eye” and can be damaged in a collision and we need to know how to replace or fix it. And anyone who’s invested in a premium paint job wants perfect matching every time.

Keeping up with these advances is critical to our business which is why we invest both time and money in training and certification. Most recently Horton Auto Body & Paint has updated to the latest Aluminium welding station and in our state of the art paint booth our technicians are training weekly with our major paint supplier, Sherwin Williams, so we can match finishes on even the most recent models of cars. Our experienced workshop team are always ahead of the game when it comes to quality repairs.


Susan Smed

Brendon was extremely professional and efficient. I felt completely confident in the service from the moment I walked in, from the friendly woman at reception, to the spotless environment through to Brendon giving me a thorough description of what he suggested they do. He then followed up with a quote the same day and had it all done, perfectly, in under 4 hours a couple of days later. When I pick up my car, Brendon escorted me to my car to review the repairs and to be sure I was satisfied. Best experience I've had with any auto service company!



Horton Auto Body gets top-marks from me! They were quick to respond to my online user form request for a quote, and invited down to have an on-the-spot repair quote prepared for me at anytime during business hours - I arrived about half an hour before closing and Jorge came out right away to take a look at my vehicle and had a full quote prepared and in my hands before the office closed. Everyone I spoke to from the super friendly office administrator to the appraiser was courteous, knowledgeable and efficient.


MC Loftus

Brad Wagner and everyone at Horton Auto Body made a difficult situation so easy wit the repair of our vehicle. They worked with our insurance provider, and the car rental agency. When we picked up the vehicle it was looking brand new with complete detailing inside and out. I think Tina Turner said it best "Simply the Best, Better than ALL the Rest"!


Archie Chugh

Was involved in a hit and run, took my truck to Horton . I used them before on my old truck. Very impressed ! Kevin and Joyce and the team did an awesome job. They did all the leg work with the insurance company, which took all the stress out. Being in an accident is stressful, Horton took all the stress out..from renting me a car,to updates really helped. Getting a chance to play with the shop puppy was a bonus. I’m more than happy! Thank you for making my baby’s boo boo better. When I got my baby back...it smelled better than when I bought it. Thank you again..5*